Play builds children

The UK Children’s Play Policy Forum believes that play is a powerful builder of happy, healthy, capable children. The benefits of play extend to families, communities and society.

The fun and enjoyment of playing, important in itself, brings wide-ranging benefits to children’s physical and mental health and wellbeing. Play builds resilience and is a significant part of the solution to the crisis in childhood happening every day.

Play builds children draws attention to the responsibility Government has for play and the leadership that is needed. Children’s play deserves a broad and comprehensive approach, involving cross-departmental collaboration and accountability. Government, the devolved administrations and local authorities can together make sure that children and society are not fundamentally damaged by the lack of play in children’s everyday lives – and that we all gain the unique benefits of children playing more.

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Robin Sutcliffe, Chair of the UK Children’s Play Policy Forum said:

‘Lack of play leaves children mentally and physically unprepared to cope with life. This affects them in childhood and throughout the rest of their lives. It is urgent that play is prioritised, for two important reasons. Lack of play causes untold harm to children and, on the other hand, there are huge benefits to be gained when we make sufficient time and space for children to play every day. These benefits contribute to the prevention of the prime issues of health, mental health, obesity and school exclusion – key issues in need of urgent resolution. Play builds happy, healthy children.’

Call for evidence 

UK Children’s Play Policy Forum (UKCPPF) response to Department for Education (DfE) Call for Evidence Character and Resilience 2019

In Summer 2019, the UKCPPF contacted Secretary of State for Education Damian Hinds to discuss the UKCPPF position statement, Play Builds Children.

We had a very positive meeting with the Department of Education and were invited to submit evidence about the relevance and benefits of play to the Department’s Character and Resilience enquiry,

This call for evidence seeks views on the importance of character and resilience in young people. It welcomes examples of good practice in developing character in pupils in schools, colleges and other educational settings.

Responses, currently under consideration, will be used to help the advisory group further refine their thinking in relation to the development of character in children and young people.We are making our evidence public as a resource for everyone who is currently involved in advocating the value of play for children’s wellbeing and resilience.

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